Property Law

Property law embraces all the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to real estate property and covers a multitude of areas such as:
  • Town planning rules,
  • Construction law,
  • Co-ownership law,
  • Rights attached to building ownership,
  • Rules on real estate transactions,
  • Regulations applicable to the activities of real estate agents, management agents appointed by a commonhold association, property traders etc.


In Monaco, the real estate sector occupies a prominent place in the local economy. The small size of the territory and the particularly high demand due to the attractiveness of the Principality make it a constantly evolving industry, in regards to both construction work and transactions regarding buildings and business assets.

The Monegasque legislature therefore adapted property law by taking into account such specific features. For such a reason, it differs from French law, e.g. Act no. 1.235 of 28 December 2000 pertaining to rental conditions for certain residential premises which were built or completed before 1 September 1947 or Act no. 490 of 24 November 1948 concerning lease agreements for commercial, industrial or trade purpose.

In this area, we advise and assist individuals wishing to perform real estate transactions for their own account together with legal entities which are real estate professionals.

  • Incorporation of Monaco Civil partnerships,
  • Transactions regarding the sale and the acquisition of assets or companies owning real estate property,
  • Advice and assistance relating to lease management,
  • Drafting commercial leases,
  • Drafting leases for residential purpose,
  • Assignment of goodwill
  • Assignment of leaseholds rights,
  • Advice relating to construction work,
  • Settling disputes between landlords and tenants out of court,