Residency Card Applications

Any foreign individual (including EU nationals) older than 16 years old who wishes to have his/her domicile in the Principality of Monaco or who wishes to stay more than three months per year, must apply for a "Residence Card" from the competent authorities.

To this end, we assist our clients to complete all of the administrative steps required, and in particular in:
  • Obtaining any necessary long-term visas (“visa d'établissement”),
  • Collecting all of the requested documents,
  • Filling out the application form,
  • Preparing for the preliminary interview,
  • Renewal of the residence permit after its expiry date,


We also assist the applicant (whose attendance is compulsory) during the interview with the inspectors of the residency department of the Monaco Police and ensure the subsequent follow-up of the application, we liaise with the administrative authorities, in particular by providing any potential additional requested information.

We can also refer our clients to real estate agents located in the Principality, when relating to the purchase/renting of a house/apartment, and to local banks relating to the opening of a bank account.

For more information relating to the conditions to obtain the residency card in Monaco, click here.