Living in Monaco

Living in Monaco

General conditions

Anyone aged 16 years at least, willing to take up residence in Monaco, must apply for the issue of a "residence permit" from the Monegasque authorities.

Anyone interested must first collect an "application" and "list of required documents" from the Police Department - Section of Residents.


The documents required vary depending on the nationality of the applicant. However, the following documents are generally required:
  • A copy of valid passport,
  • A copy of the lease or deed of an apartment or a certificate of accommodation,

  • A copy of a utility bill or copy of the Subscription Agreement to the Monegasque Company for Electricity and Gas (SMEG),

  • An employment contract or other proof of a profession, the receipt of a filing for the establishment of a company in Monaco or a bank certificate of sufficient means of support,

  • An extract of birth certificate,

  • An extract of criminal record dated less than three months, or a certificate of good standing or equivalent document,

  • Two passport photographs.


For nationals of a State outside the European Economic Area:
  • A "settlement visa" (type D) to the Principality of Monaco, which shall be sought from the Embassy or Consulate of France nearest to the last domicile of the applicant.
  • If the person has been residing for over a year in France, an application for moving to the Principality must first be filed with the Embassy of France in Monaco.