Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights are the rights granted on intellectual creations. They are generally divided into two groups:
  • literary and artistic property which covers intellectual works, consisting in copyright and associated rights (or related rights),
  • industrial property, which includes, on the one hand, commercial creations, such as patent-protected inventions, drawings and designs, and on the other hand, distinctive signs, namely trademarks, domain names and protected designation of origin.

In such area, Monegasque legislation has been established in accordance with international standards and is based on the various treaties signed by the Principality which are directly applicable in Monaco.

As we regularly work with local and international law firms for patent filings requiring specific technical knowledge, we are therefore perfectly able to assist our clients in other branches of this domain.

  • Filing trademarks, patents and designs,
  • Monitoring brand portfolios,
  • Drafting licence agreements,