Corporate Law

Corporate law is the branch of private law relating to civil and commercial companies. This relates to provisions relating to the incorporation, running and liquidation of companies. Corporate law also governs relationship between the different stakeholders of a legal entity - shareholders/partners, managers/managing directors - as well as its relationships with third parties.

Monegasque law contains few provisions concerning Corporate law:
  • Act no. 797 of 18 February 1966 relating to civil companies,
  • The provisions of the Commercial Code, which deal specifically with commercial companies, and
  • Ordinance of 5 March 1895 on Monegasque limited companies and limited partnerships by shares.

These complete the provisions of the Civil Code, which govern Articles of Association in general and undertakings between partners or with third parties.

As a consequence, Corporate law in Monaco is subject to a certain contractual freedom. Our knowledge and experience in this field allow us to provide our clients with effective advice regarding the problems that may arise during the different phases of a legal entity's existence.

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  • Setting up civil and commercial companies,
  • Legal monitoring of companies,
  • Drafting shareholders' agreements or partnership agreements,
  • Assignment of shares,
  • Preparing and performing acquisitions of companies,
  • Performing all types of capital transactions,
  • Private equity transactions,
  • Drafting the Minutes of the General Meetings,
  • Drafting contractual documents,
  • Advising on the rules of governance or compliance,