Commercial Law

Commercial law is the branch of private law, and more specifically business law, which governs the performance of trader activities, and defines the rules applicable to commercial acts.

In Monaco, commercial law is strongly influenced by French law, although it has certain specific features. It is based on various legal sources, and in particular the Commercial Code. Article 1 of this Code defines traders as "those who carry out commercial acts and who make such as their usual profession." Articles 2 and 3 establish the list of such commercial acts together with those considered as such.

Monegasque Civil Law also has a prominent place in this area since the provisions of the Civil Code remain applicable in commercial matters unless a specific provision excludes such.

International treaties, certain provisions of European law and commercial habitual practice (“usage”) still play a major role in trade relationship, which regularly include a certain number of foreign elements.

In respect of our experience in this area we effectively assist and advise our clients depending on their specific issues.  

  • Drafting commercial contracts,
  • Assignment of goodwill,
  • Assignment of lease rights,
  • Drafting commercial leases,
  • Collecting trade receivables,
  • Settling trade disputes out of court,