Civil Law

Civil law is a branch of private law governing relations between individuals and / or legal entities. It is ubiquitous in everyday life as it covers various areas such as:
  • The rights of persons; 
       Name, status, legal status, disabilities, etc.
  • Family law;
       Parentage, adoption, marriage, divorce, matrimonial status, etc.
  • Property law;
       Movable and immovable property, ownership, usufruct, etc.
  • Inheritance law;
       Wills, transfer of assets, gifts, etc.
  • Law of obligations and contracts.
       Sales agreements, lease/rental agreements, personal loans, contractual liability,...


In Monaco, civil law is largely based on French law. Indeed, Monegasque Civil Law includes a large number of provisions of the Napoleonic Code of 1804.

Furthermore, complication arising from Monaco’s diverse population requires a good knowledge of private international law.

In this regard, we regularly assist local and international clients in all areas of civil law.

  • Advice and assistance relating to prenuptial agreements,
  • Change of matrimonial status in collaboration with notaries and barristers (“avocats-défenseurs”),
  • Assistance of spouses in the framework of joint divorce proceedings,
  • Advice and assistance relating to succession planning: draft of wills, incorporation of foundations, etc.,
  • Advice and assistance relating to wealth structuring, 
  • Advice and assistance relating to the acquisition of real estate property,
  • Incorporation of civil partnership,
  • Draft of assignment of shares agreements,
  • Negotiation during the drafting and execution of contracts,
  • Advice and assistance relating to the settlement of disputes out of court,